The Junior Bisons

Day two involved Tuck’s first Upward Bound basketball practice… he is now a member of the “Junior Bison” team

A little background knowledge will be helpful here…

1.   I’m not athletic unless there is a “cute” uniform involved

2.   I’m more intrested in learning what a “junior bison” actually looks like than learning the rules of a basketball game

3.   I don’t like to play games where the goal is for someone else to grab, snatch or kick the ball away from me. It seems unfair and unnecessarily rough especially when you have waited patiently for your turn with the ball. Just my thoughts…

4.   Gyms have smells

5.   Tuck will most likely take after me in the above mentioned areas (except for the smell part- I have learned that boys enjoy “rank” smells and can laugh for hours about them).

So here we are at day 2, and I’m taking Tuck to his first basketball practice.  It’s another sharp reality of our year. I’m now involved with athletics. As you can see from the photos, Tuck has inherited my athletic ability. It looked more like a game of dodge ball than basketball. He also has my eyes that reveal every uncertainty and thought. I am sure in one of these photos he is thinking… “This is a lot of work….I just wanted the uniform!”

          Anyway, at the moment… he is excited about the season and I’m just relieved that no one nominated me to be the “team Mom”

Go Junior Bisons!



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3 responses to “The Junior Bisons

  1. Just make sure you’re at the team meetings so you can “volunteer to help” but not be VOLUNTEERED, if you know what I mean 🙂

  2. Dad

    I love the commentary and pictures. I am so proud of you and the kids.

    I love you,

  3. Just for the record, I’m a dude but I do NOT like gym smell.

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