A “Man” Day

What is a “man” day you ask?  Well, you’re asking the wrong person…

Here’s Tuck’s definition: It’s when men ride in a truck,  shoot things, wrestle and then eat.

Clearly, I’m not qualified for a “man” day (except the eating part), so I relinquished this duty to my Dad. Tuesdays are now the official “man” day in our household. This is the day my Dad picks up Tuck from school in his pick-up truck. They ride around and talk like men (Tuck’s description…I can only imagine that conversation). Then they go to my parents’ house in the country and shoot a Red Rider BB gun at targets, cans and/or anything that moves (poor squirrel).  Finally, the day is washed down with a little wrestling and some good grub. Per-fec-tion!   At least in Tuck’s eyes.

I’m really glad my Dad is in charge of this!


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  1. You did a fine job capturing some of the MAN DAY, but I’m sure you’ve missed a great deal of spittin’ and scratchin’ from your exposition 🙂

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