If you would like assistance, please press…

This is a rant, so get ready!

I can’t even begin to explain the number of phone calls I’ve been forced to make to ensure that all of our accounts are notified of Chris’ deployment, have a copy of his orders, and have my name as the contact. Previously, I was anonymous/spouse  Neeley, which was a title I enjoyed before I became CFO. So you can imagine my frustration…

When I make a phone call, I want to speak with another person. I don’t want to be dumped into some automated system that has voice recognition technology. Whoever designed that mess was obviously from the Midwest because those computers do not recognize the dialect of a MAD southern woman. Otherwise, they would hurry up and get me a human being to talk with and not direct me to another menu.

Anyway, this started off as a rant and now my southern guilt is playing on my conscience… I feel really bad about abusing a “friendly” customer service representative from LLBean named John. I am sure his sweater is tied more tightly around his neck after dealing with me…

So, John…if you are out there…I’m sorry…I’m not good at this army wife stuff. All of my sugar, spice and everything nice was depleted for the day due to your phone system and my husband’s deployment. Please hire an OPERATOR and we will be back on good terms.

Love, Boots


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One response to “If you would like assistance, please press…

  1. I feel the same way about Chinese restaurants. Why is it I have so much trouble ordering Chinese food over the phone? Is it my Southern dialect? The hungry sound of my voice? BTW, can you call Number 1 China for me and send up some egg rolls and egg drop soup!?!
    Love ya,
    Army Man

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