The Best Cooker

It’s at that point in the week when the kids are starting to recognize that I’m a flower wilting in its pot. They see my shoulders slump and know that I need a little pick me up.

So…. Tuck decided to give Mama a  little compliment!…which I might add is quite a challenge given the week we’ve had….so he was really having to pull from the deep recesses of his brain to say,”Mama, you are the best cooker!”

How about that?!? 

I’m some cooker alright….I ordered Chinese the night before, we ate subs from Publix on Tuesday and on Monday when I did attempt to cook….for some strange reason I decided to try a recipe for Porcupine Balls…which really indicates something about my mental state!… Who does that?!?  The kids stared at the strange meat contraptions sitting in a lonely puddle on their plates (I forgot to make side dishes) and smiled at me like I was a mental patient… Jordan being the considerate child that she is… said, “Wow mom, this is really interesting” and Tuck followed her up with “Do I get dessert tonight?”

From the examples listed above, you can see why I wasn’t elated with the “best cooker” title, but to add injury to insult…Tuck took it a step further when he added…” And,  you look like that Julia Child woman too!”

Well, there you go again…another day in the life.

For the record…I do not look like Julia Child…. at least I don’t think so, but then again, I haven’t looked in the mirror much this week! I might need to check 🙂


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