Swamp Juice


With a title like that…. could this entry be about anything else but an update on Tuesday’s “man day” ?!?

Tuesday was yet another “man” day for Tucker and my Dad. I believe all of the truck ridin’, shootin’ and wrestlin’ continued, but this week there was a new addition, swamp juice.

And what pray tell is that you ask? 

It could define my cooking lately (i.e. “best cooker” post), but no… it actually describes something you purchase at the local Pitt Stop Filling Station in Lexington, SC.

Leave it to Daddy to feed my child from a gas station. According to him, vienna sausages are an essential part of the food pyramid. Buying  lunch and fishing tackle from the same refrigerator at the filling station is not new, however, swamp juice is something I never encountered in my young life.  According to Tuck, it is the most delicious drink on the market!   According to me…it must involve Mountain Dew (crack for kids), a ton of sugar, a shot of espresso, and some testosterone all mixed together in a mind-numbing icee concoction.

Leave it to a grandparent to introduce “swamp juice” into my child’s diet.

The irony of all of this….Chris is part of the “Swamp Fox” battalion… maybe I should send those fellas some “swamp juice” to get ’em through the deployment. It will certainly keep them awake and invigorated. It could be the secret weapon in the war. A bunch of SC boys pumped up on some “swamp juice” is something to be feared!


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  1. Hey Boots! Maybe you could send some of that Swamp Juice my way. The boys in the 178th would love it! We’re getting tired of the 2% milk for breakfast, lunch and supper.
    Love ya,
    Army Man

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