Medic – We have a “real” flesh wound

Tuck has always been very skilled with a pair of scissors. However last week during an intense art project, Tuck made a cut too close to his “partner”  and accidentally amputated one of his limbs.

It was tragic! 

Not knowing what to do and desperately wanting to make his buddy feel better, Tuck used his male reasoning for fixing his friend…..scotch tape (I know…I know, duct tape would have been better but Tuck used that up months ago fixing another “accident”).

I didn’t discover his medical repair until the next morning when I made his bed and found Woody “attached” to the sheets. After a tearful confession, Tuck divulged the gory details of this unfortunate amputation.

There was only one solution…Woody would have to go to Betty’s (a very skilled seamstress…a.k.a… grandmama) for some intensive care in the hospital.

Today when I picked Tuck up from my parents’ house I was greeted with a hospital bill that stated the following:


Responsible Party:  Tucker Baines Neeley          

Patient’s Name:  Woody Neeley

Procedure:  Reattachment of amputated right limb

Total Cost: $2,976.00  (Payment due upon completion of Surgery)


Tuck pulled out 50 cents from his pocket and handed it to my Mom. He said,  “There you go Grandma, that’s for Woody’s surgery.”



 Just look at the little guy…he really did feel bad about cutting his friend’s arm off!

I’m glad we can check guilt and remorse off his developmental chart!





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2 responses to “Medic – We have a “real” flesh wound

  1. Andy Lancaster

    I’m glad to hear that Woody is ok! Don’t worry Tuck – my GI Joe suffered far worse injuries and survived my childhood.

  2. Alan Green

    It seems to me that Woody actually lost an arm in Toy Story, the movie. Seems like he had to be repaired because of a similar situation. This is an example of art imitating life…

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