My Brown Eyes Blue

I feel like my life has become the lyrics of a bad country song, but I can’t find a good rhyming word for Afghanistan.

This afternoon, Jordan told me that the Lord has inspired her to write music. I have no doubt the Holy Spirit will work through her and compose a hymn of praise.

Me… on the other hand…I keep humming a tune that came to me while driving home from Jordan’s 3 hour orthodonist appointment…. I’m still working out the details, but the words “broke”, “braces” and “brown eyes blue” all seem to fit and offer more rhyming opportunities for a chorus.

Moses (our dog) hasn’t run away and Big Red (our truck) is still in the driveway…so I might need to wait for more inspiration to create the bridge of our song…. but a good amputation story, some swamp juice, and Duke’s mayonnaise could definitely become a country music classic.



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3 responses to “My Brown Eyes Blue

  1. Well, for what it’s worth, I appreciate that you’re processing and dealing with life as it comes. That’s all we can do, and most days it’s not enough. But time marches on, and you & Chris are, too. Well, he is literally, and you figuratively, I guess. 🙂

  2. Hey Boots! I’m sure Hank Williams, Jr. or David Allen Coe could easily plug a Woody amputation, swamp juice and Duke’s mayonaise line into the perfect country and western song.
    Army Man

  3. jordan

    Why would moses run away

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