Benjamin Button

This morning while I was fixing Tuck’s breakfast he asked….”Mom, do you remember when I turned 65?”

I’m not much for morning conversation, but this question woke me up.

Tuck didn’t wait for a reponse …(I guess it was a rhetorical question)….he proceeded to describe the birthday cake and the decorations on it…you know, the one from his 65th birthday?!?….well, of course…who wasn’t there?!?… and everyone remembers that event…it’s in the Neeley archives for goodness sake!

I know this year will age me, but I wasn’t really expecting to be 98 this morning!

Tuck has always been what people refer to as an “old soul”…maybe he is aging backwards like Benjamin Button?!? There are some clues that maybe Chris and I should have given more attention:

1. He likes to wear cologne, Old Spice…which he refers to as “Hot Spice”

2. “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash has been in his top ten since the age of 18 months.

3.  He says that Thomas Jefferson was a good president…as if he voted in the election.

4. He asked for a blimp this year for Christmas…not the Goodyear one….more like the Hindenburg.

5. He likes to start his days with coffee, a newspaper, and he wishes…a smoke (I’ve hidden the cigars).

Tucker is an interesting little fellow.

We love him dearly…and in honor of his 65th birthday…I thought I would end this post with one of my favorite photos from his childhood…

He loves his Daddy and wants to be just like him…his Daddy is his hero!



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3 responses to “Benjamin Button

  1. What a pleasant little old man. Though I would venture to say as his aging proceeds, you’re getting younger. Go with that, will make it easier 🙂

  2. Hey Boots!
    If you’re 98, then I’m almost 102. Ouch! BTW, you might want to inform Jordan she just missed our on her teenage years (not a bad thing), college, walking down the isle and those four kids she wanted.

  3. James Kirk

    My daughter was smitten with “Ring of Fire” for a while, and would sing it occasionally. Once, while she and I were aboard an American Airlines flight awaiting takeoff, she started singing (and loudly), “We’re goin’ down, down, down, in a burnin’ ring of airplane!” Needless to say, the other passengers were not amused.

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