Sad Snow

You never know when it’s going to hit you. I wasn’t expecting to be so sad about a bunch of snow.

Watching the snow fall, I cried thinking about Chris.

He would really love to be here today with the kids. These opportunities are so few and far between in SC.  I am really hating that he is missing this moment. The kids are at an age where snow seems like a complete miracle. I remember that feeling.

The irony of this… Chris’ birthday is next week. It snowed the day he came home from the hospital. We all know this because in South Carolina you remember the year when it snowed….that’s just how special it is.

Chris is my special fella, just like the snow. I can’t help being sad. I miss him more than words can say.



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6 responses to “Sad Snow

  1. Boots,
    There’s nothing like the excitement on the kid’s faces when it snows. I’m sorry I can’t be there to share in their excitement. I wish we could all be bundled in blankets on the sofa in front of fire with a good family movie on. I miss y’all!!!
    Snow Man

  2. Andy Lancaster

    Janie, I just don’t have the words to comfort you. Anything that is said cannot begin to make you feel better about this situation.

    Hopefully you will take comfort in this – you, Chris and your children are being prayed for every day by people you may never know or meet. The prayer chain for your family is long and strong. It extends far beyond the borders of South Carolina and North Carolina. This chain will not rest – ever. You may never know the extent of prayer support you are receiving. This is what we do for each other Janie – we pray and take action on the needs of you and your family. So when days like today happen it is okay to cry because you miss Chris but know this – you are never alone during this time. There will always be someone you may not know in a place far away praying for you. I hope this is of comfort to you.

    God Bless,


    • Andy,
      Thank you for being so supportive during this difficult time. We truly appreciate your prayers and hope the prayer chain will continue to spread as we enter the next phase of Chris’ deployment. Thanks for being such a great friend!

  3. PaPa

    Thank you for your wonderful comments. They were not only helpful for Janie and the kids, but for me and Jeannette also. God bless you and all those that love, pray and care for Chris, Janie, Tuck and Jordan. We all appreciate the prayers!


  4. PaPa


    Thank you for those wonderful comments. God bless you and all of those who pray, love and care for Chris, Janie, Tuck and Jordan. You will never know how much it means to me and Jeannette.


  5. Sarah Clayton

    Oh, girl. I am so sad for you. But DO take those times to cry….because that’s what helps you to smile again. We aren’t expected to do these hard things ourselves…God never intends for us to. So, just like Andy said…you are never alone. I am so glad the two of you are blogging….it’s such a nice connection and such a great testimony of the faith and love the two of you have for the LORD and for each other. Stay strong, cry when you need to, and seriously, call me when you need an “outside” voice 🙂 We love you…the girls at bible study and I continue to pray for you all!!

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