A Glimpse of Joy

Sometimes God pulls back the curtain long enough for us to peek at what’s on the other side.

I caught a glimpse on Friday night.

It was when I took Jordan to her first rock concert, Winter Jam 2010. It was also my first experience attending one of these Christian rock events. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I learned quickly that Jordan was “made” for rock concerts. Watching her swing, sway, sing and swoon for close to 4 hours I was given a glimpse of pure joy. She was completely uninhibited and free. I couldn’t help but giggle at her wild abandon. She was in the spirit and praising God at the top of her voice. She was the definition of joy as God intended.

I know when things get tough, I can hold that picture of Jordan in my mind. You cannot help but smile at the image. It’s a good thing, especially since the day/night we attended this concert Chris was flying across the ocean to a war zone. I know that seems crazy.  I guess we should have been huddled at home, but we made a radical decision to reject the sadness.  It’s a choice we will continually have to make this year, but I feel it is the right one. I will not cheat our family from the creativity and goodness that God offers, even when it comes in the form of a “very loud” concert. On Friday night, the moment and mood was right for us to let go and open ourselves to something better, joy. 

Mary Caroline and Jordan before entering the WinterJam 2010 concert

One final note to self: Jordan will only be allowed to attend Christian rock concerts in the future. Her “wild abandon” might inspire her to throw something on the stage … in that crowd, a prayer card is the appropriate item.


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  1. Hey Boots!
    I am so glad that y’all had a great time at the concert. Third Day rocks — so do you and Jordan! Maybe next time Jordan can take an alter candle to wave around!?!

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