Scattered, Smothered and Covered

Okay, the devil has had enough fun this week. It’s high time I put a pedicure on my broken toe and be thankful that Tuck ate his vegetables on Monday night (I saw the proof).


Nothing scatters or clears a room like a stomach virus. What he “misunderestimated” (from George Bush’s invented word dictionary) … was that I’ve got real friends. You know, the kind that will call you to offer help EVEN after reading a post about projectile vomit…that brand of buddy is a “keeper” and I am blessed with a bunch of those. In the midst of my despair: 1. I had a ding-dong-drop off (thanks, Leslie G.), 2. a father in-law that drove across town in the rain to pick up some wet middle schoolers, 3. An incredible email and devotion from a friend ( Thanks, Karen K.), 4. An awesome prayer for protection (Thanks, Leslie D.), 5. Many comforting and sympathetic calls from Karen F. and another drive-by drop off,  6. My Bible study and Boots blog babes, 7. An offer to taxi Jordan to Wednesday night services (Thanks, Krickets), 8. A call to babysit (seriously Kelli…you are fearless), 9. Parents who keep me supplied with a lot lunchmeat and love ….AND (drum roll please)  #10 A husband that doesn’t hang up or pretend to lose satellite feed when he sees his wife on skype (the sound wasn’t working) looking deranged…. motioning wildly and clearly yelling something about a projectile. It wasn’t my best or most attractive moment!


It’s easy to get smothered by our circumstances and not see the light. I felt like the last air was being choked out of us this week. The grip was tight, but from the examples given above…you can see that God performed some CPR and cleared the airway. There’s nothing like the fresh aroma of prayer. It’s smelling salts from heaven.


Do I need to say it?

God’s got my back. I’m covered by the Holy Spirit with a seal. It’s the best and least expensive insurance on the market. You also don’t have to drive to Fort Jackson to get it (an added bonus in my circumstance). God’s got me covered, even when all evidence to the contrary is dancing around.

So, stop for a moment today…even if you are feeling scattered and smothered… and thank God for being covered…We are in good hands!!!



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5 responses to “Scattered, Smothered and Covered

  1. Leslie

    Janie, I do thank the Lord that I am covered. I knew, like you said, it is a good day when you wake up and not covered in vomit. Great to hear you a little more perky!!

    Leslie D.

  2. Leslie G.

    Amen sista!!!

  3. Hey Boots,
    For a minute I thought this was another story about the Waffle House!?! God has used this week to cover us with grace, scatter the Devil away from us and smother us with the love of family and friends. We are indeed blessed.

  4. Laurie

    You are one amazing woman! Hang in there, girl. The testimony you will have on the other side of this is gonna be fabulous!! 🙂 L

  5. Sarah Clayton

    Well said, Janie!!! And this is exactly what I needed to hear today. I need to remember that I am covered….You should think about combining your posts with Chris’s and get them published 🙂 They are sweet and inspirational to read…and so well written. I haven’t seen Tuck since he was a little guy (age wise anyway!!!) and you really make his personality come alive when you write! I love it!

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