Tuck’s New Girlfriend

Move over Little Debbie, you’re being dumped!

Tucker has recovered from his stomach virus and is making up the missed calories with his new crush,  “Thin Mint”  (a.k.a. the best selling girl scout cookie on the market). I found him sitting in the pantry this afternoon with a handful of cookies and a “sleeve” of thin mints stuck down his pants. While that’s disturbing enough, the part that really made me crazy is how he found the cookies in the first place. My mom and I had orchestrated an elaborate, covert operation to transfer the cookies from her house to mine. (Tucker has a reputation with sweets…so we thought it best to never reveal that cookies had been ordered or delivered.) My plan was to ship them quickly to Chris in Afghanistan (i.e. a location impossible to reach via a Big Wheel).

On Sunday, I placed the brown box full of cookies on the top shelf of our pantry. On Monday, I find Tuck with the big brown box and cookies down his pants (word of warning…when Tuck doesn’t have pockets..he uses his underwear…never accept “warm” gum or mints from him).

To my amazement…my “non-reader” said he saw the brown box on the shelf and “read” Girl Scouts on the side.  He was quite pleased with himself on his “find.”  When I informed him that I was planning on sending those cookies to Daddy, he said “Daddy can have all of them except, Peppermint Patty…that’s mine!”

I really feel sorry for Little Debbie. The “girl- next-door”  rarely wins in the dating world. I should call her and encourage her to keep baking her star crunch and cosmic brownies. Tuck will be back. Girls Scouts are only available once a year… and Peppermint Patty….well….uhm…she’s in the pantry closet.



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3 responses to “Tuck’s New Girlfriend

  1. Leslie

    So funny. Sounds like you a little chipper tonight. Hope you are better.

  2. Boots,
    I hate to hear Tuck has inherited my love of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. It’s a sickness. When I was young I too could sniff out the hidden treats in our house. BTW, now that Tuck has discovered them. Have him put some in the freezer! There is nothing better than the taste of a frozen thin mint (a sleeve of thin mints) and a glass of milk.

  3. Andy Lancaster

    Thin Mints?!? Ugh…

    Please expose Tuck to the wonderfulness that is the Girl Scouts Peanut Butter cookie!

    Thin Mints are the South Carolina Gamecocks of cookieville – they never live up to the hype (sorry Chris!).

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