The Fair

My favorite parenting phrase: “The fair only comes once a year.”

I usually whip out this “one-liner” when my children are arguing and on my last nerve. It is an immediate conversation ender. The debate is over before it started because who can argue with that?!?… In Columbia, SC the fair comes in October…like clockwork it arrives and departs for its one and only yearly visit.

After my children hear this “catchy phrase” they usually roll their humongous brown eyes and stomp off (thinking… “One day when I’m a parent.I will never say something so……unfair!!!).

Kids have a keen sense of justice early on in life. They will holler “foul” immediately when a wrong or slight appears on the scene.

While I hate to admit it, I have to agree with the kids. Sometimes, life just isn’t fair!

I’ve spent a lot of time kicking the dirt and thinking about fairness. Right now, nothing seems fair and it won’t. I’m not sure why I’m wasting my time or mental energy. I should take my own stupid advice and lower my expectations. I’ll be lucky if “the fair” comes once this year.

I guess I am sinking into this line of thought because of something that happened yesterday. I was contacted about attending an event to honor Chris for his service to our country. I actually get quite a few of these calls because of the nature of Chris’ civilian job. While an event like this would typically be an honor and a nice tribute, the part that kicked me in the gut was that it was scheduled for Mother’s Day weekend. Throughout the entire conversation, the “scheduler” never noted that it was mother’s day, that I have 2 children at home or even acknowledged that I might have a “full plate” running our household alone.

The soldier is a much more glamorous image than the ragged wife left behind with two kids in tow.

Don’t get me wrong. I want everyone to be proud of Chris, pray for him daily and honor his service…but I also would like to remind folks that being the family left behind is a tough gig too.

In your prayers today, please pray for the protection of  our soldiers, but also add a special clause for the families left behind. They are serving your country too. Sometimes they are forgotten and it’s really not fair.


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  1. Life is not fair and it never will be. Why will some folks sleep in a card board box tonight and I get to be in my nice warm and dry house. Why did my friends child die at age 7 and mine is alive and doing well at 14. Oh and let’s not forget the cross thing, you know the one where Jesus dies so I could live. Talk about a bad day, now that’s a bad day or could what looked like the worst day be the best for all man kind. If life was fair I would be so lost in my sin and self but I praise God that LIFE IS NOT FAIR.

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