Family of God

I drove into my driveway this afternoon and noticed that there was a laundry basket on my front porch. My first thought was, ” Please… don’t let there be a baby or dirty laundry in that basket!!!”

I know that isn’t the most positive thought to pop in your mind, but it’s been a kind of rough week.

Tucker jumped out of the car with a completely different perspective. He said, “Look Mommy, someone brought me a ton of presents!!!”   He was right!

On my front porch was a basket full of prepared meals and gift certificates. Tuck went wild…it looked like Christmas morning as he was tearing through the basket and opening the wrapped certificates. Most kids could care less about food, but we are talking about Tucker. His girlfriend is a baked good. He was so excited!!! So was I!!!  There were enough meals for a month or more.

Goodbye, porcupine balls (i.e. greatest cooker post)….hello, food that tastes good!… There were even side dishes (something I’ve been unable to remember lately)!!

I didn’t even have to open the card to know who it was from…it was my family in Christ. The church is not a building made of bricks and mortar; it’s a family pulled together by God. Our Sunday school class pooled their resources to assemble this amazing basket and in so doing demonstrated God’s love and goodness. I cannot find words to thank them enough. It was God’s perfect timing and an opportunity to see His hand actively working in my life. I am so grateful for the experience.

At the beginning of this week, I was feeling overwhelmed by the length of this deployment. I just couldn’t see an end in sight. I’ve only made it through a few months and have many more to go. Today, that sense of dread was replaced with a new feeling; excitement. I am beginning to understand that the journey will be just as important as the destination. God has treasures buried for me all along the way. 

At the end of this week, I’m still overwhelmed….but this time, it’s by God’s enduring  and everlasting love.



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2 responses to “Family of God

  1. Girl you’ve got it, it’s all about the journey. Yea God, you truly are so good all the time!!!

    • Jeannette Neeley


      We both are so happy that you, Chris, Jordan and Tuck belong to such a wonderful church family.
      What a thoughtful thing for your Sunday school friends to do for you and the kids.

      I believe that God is communicating with you in a nonverbal way – making a little miracle happen, right in front of you. God is sending you a direct and personal message of reassurance. That everything is going to be alright. I just finished reading a book and the author calls these little ways of communicating with God a God Wink. It’s a little wink saying, “Hey Janie! I’m thinking of you right now!” Your Sunday school class was part of this God Wink, it was HIS way of sending you a message at just the right moment to add encourage and love to your day.

      Love you all,

      Granny & Papa

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