Taxes and Trash

This has been a week filled with accomplishments: first, I tackled our taxes and second, I got our trash picked up.

Taxes – I’ve been on the topic of fairness lately which could have possibly been prompted by the fact that I’ve been gathering all our documents to submit our taxes. Nothing is fair about taxes, but it seems even less fair to have to pay them when your husband is off serving this country in a war zone. Let’s just say…I am sharpening my pitchfork for a march on Washington. Forget tea bags, that’s too civil. Anyway…preparing taxes is a new frontier for me. I sent Chris numerous emails in Afghanistan asking about a variety of issues. His first response was a real shocker!! Apparently, I am doing our 2009 taxes and not 2010…no wonder there wasn’t enough information?!?… Well, there you go. I just learned another valuable lesson. This is certainly a year of growth for me.

Trash – For some unknown reason, I can never remember that trash pick up is on Thursday. Since Chris left…every Thursday morning you will find me running down the street in my nightgown with two bags of trash chasing the garbage truck. If you are my neighbor, I apologize. Then again, some of my neighbors pour an extra cup of coffee to watch the show. The fellas working for Earth Waste are also in on the joke. They have throughly enjoyed my Thursday morning sprint. They slow down the truck enough to make me think it’s going to stop…then, just as I reach them breathless…they floor the accelerator and speed off. The two guys hanging on the back roll in laughter and point at me. Being mocked by the garbage man is a new low.

BUT…not this week!!! Tuck left me a series of “post-it” notes around the house on Wednesday to remind me to roll the herbie curbie out to the driveway. His note read “MGBTK” …translated…”Mom, garbage truck”…very nice job  letter name speller…I remembered this week!! On Thursday, I sat at the window and drank coffee until the truck pulled up to my house. Then, I waved sweetly at my garbage friends (using the finger I crushed in the door last week). “The fair” came in March on this morning.

All in all…I can cross a few more things off my “to-do” list.

Chris, if you are reading this… the “talk,”  taxes and the trash will be all yours again when you get home. I know you can’t wait!


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  1. Uncle Ted

    Hay I forget half the time my self proud of you with the run. Love you and the kids call if you need me or Sue I am just a call a way. LOVE you Uncle TED

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