Don’t Let My People Go

This is what happens when Moses' people go out of town for the weekend

Poor Moses!

Unlike the Biblical Moses, our puppy is begging his people to…”STAY!”

This past weekend while I running the bridge, Jordan was off with a friend and Tucker was at my parents’ house…. Moses, our faithful friend and family beagle, suffered an injury. The details are somewhat fuzzy, but apparently Moses engaged in some ambitious acrobatics while we were gone.

My Mom offered to be “in charge” of Moses for the weekend. It was going to be a “fair trade” since I would be feeding her cat and visiting Rebecca at the nursing home while she was away at the beach this week. The words “fair trade” are in air quotes if you get my drift. Feeding a crazy outside cat that doesn’t look anything like a cat and taking Mountain Dew to Grandmama are not items for barter…at least in a free market. Moses would also agree that this was not an “Even Stephen” deal….afterall, he ended up with a cone on his head at the end of his weekend.

My parents haven’t returned from the beach yet. Let’s just say, I have a “cone” ready for the cat or Rebecca…it could go either way.



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4 responses to “Don’t Let My People Go

  1. Rick


    Where can I get those cones? Have a few “needs” myself…

  2. So, it appears Moses got his head stuck in some sort of cone while you were gone.? Can it be removed?

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