For cryin’ out loud

Most of the time…when people ask, I offer a smile and say I’m okay.

Today….I’m not.

Usually, I cry in the car or in the closet.

Today, I’m cryin’ out loud.

Sometimes things are just not okay.



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4 responses to “For cryin’ out loud

  1. Leslie

    Yes. I understand. I will pray for you. Call me I can cry very well. So sorry you are having to go through this. Wish I could make it easier for you my friend.

    Love you,

  2. Kelli Bryan

    If you don’t show up at the gym tomorrow, I will show up at your house. Let’s just sweat and cry…I’m pretty sure I can do both at the same time! And crying has to have some kind of caloric benefit. In fact, I’m certain of it.

    This ain’t fair. Life’s certainly not fair. But I know God’s refining you throughout this crazy hard journey. Looking forward to catching up and am about to pray that you’ll be flooded with God’s great peace, presence and His unfailing love.

    See you tomorrow.

  3. And it’s ok that there not.

  4. Susan Deal

    Janie–you are on my heart today–knowing that God will meet your every need–praying that you will feel his peace & comfort immediately!!!

    I am so impressed that you are such a strong woman–personally, I think you should go out & kick something. Kicking things always makes me feel better if I don’t have the patience to wait on God (patience is not one of my virtues…this happens a lot!). Make sure you kick something soft–but makes sure you kick it REALLY HARD!!!….It will get those endorphins going!

    P.S. Not sure you remember me–Mike & I lived in your grandparents house about 20 years ago.

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