You’re tearin’ it up, Girl!

“You’re tearin’ it up, girl!!!” …that’s what my 80-year-old gym companions usually shout when I’m on the treadmill.

You see, I’m not a member of Gold’s or Bally or any other reputable fitness establishment.

NOOOOoooo…not me.  I’m a member of our church gym.

It’s actually a real confidence booster because no one under the age of 75 is a regular guest/member of our gym. When I’m on the treadmill running, I look like a superstar because my treadmill neighbor is usually wearing a heart monitor and shuffling along at a steady 1 mph pace. I’m like an olympic athlete to those folks!

Except for today….

Today… lost in a sea of deep thoughts and running at a pace much faster than normal…I inexplicably flew off the back of my treadmill and ended up face down on the floor. That was bad enough, but for some unknown reason (maybe it was shock or stupidity…either works here) I tried to recover and hop right back on the treadmill from the back end while the belt was still flying at a healthy speed. Needless to say, the results were not graceful. Lying on the floor after my second failed attempt, I began to wonder who was watching. I was suddenly self-conscious. I hobbled up on one leg and began to dramatically inspect the still moving belt pretending to look hard for that darned banana peel…my acting skills were for naught…my senior citizen, hard-of-hearing friend was completely unaware of my mishap….apparently the Regis and Kelly TV program was much more entertaining than me.

Whew….that was a close one. Do you now see why I choose to workout with senior citizens?!? Even when you fly off the back of your treadmill, you can still be a superstar!!

When I drove in the car line to pick up Jordan this afternoon, she took one look at me and said, “Mom…what in the world happened to you?!? Geez, when are you going to stop getting hurt…you look like you had a bike wreck or something….just look at your knees!!!”

It’s true…there’s no skin on my knees or elbows. I also have a garden variety of bruises.

Today, I really tore it up!



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3 responses to “You’re tearin’ it up, Girl!

  1. Kelli

    Can’t believe I missed it!!! Remember the guy that kept rolling off the exercise ball while we were talking that day? So, I have this mental picture and you and him choreographing a brand new work-out video for senior citizens. Watcha think? Girl, I’m telling ya, it’d be a hit! 🙂

  2. Brenda

    Janie, I hope you don’t mind me saying that the visual “replay” of your story really made me smile and laugh. I do hope you are ok, but I hope you had some laughs as well. I take alot of step classes at my gym and I am always tripping up on the step. Also when I run on the treadmill I can not look left or right, because then I end up close to the edge and tripping up there too. Working out is dangerous huh? Walking 1 mph doesn’t sound so bad, huh? Take care! Be careful! Hugs

  3. Jennifer Nicholson

    Janie, I’m just glad you weren’t on the tennis court. With the still recovering broken toe you have a good excuse for any slight misstep, but be careful. I’ve taken some doosies myself and healing is much harder after X age. It took me 2 years to get my right arm back after tearing 3 tendons just walking into the preschool to drop off my daughter. And the time I was teaching aerobics to seniors and lost my step and fell into the pool was really my shining moment of gracefulness. Take it easy today.

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