Tucker Neeley Turns 6

It’s hard to believe, but Tucker is now 6 years old.

Last night before bed, he asked….”Mom, do I have to say goodbye to 5 forever?!?”

It seems like a simple question, but if you remember my Benjamin Button post…age is a complicated thing in this family. Fortunately, Tuck didn’t wait for an answer. He probably saw my bottom lip quiver, so he threw me a bone with…”It doesn’t matter, Mommy…I will always be your baby boy.” 

Nice save, Tucker! …He knew he didn’t want any “sappy” tears from an emotional woman on his birthday.

He’s right. No tears, today! We are blessed beyond measure and thank God for this incredible little boy.

Here’s some photos from his special day:

This is a very happy boy. Take a look at the Toy Story cake.

A water balloon fight cooled things off

Tuck was prepared for the balloon battle with water grenades

Lots of family and friends came by to celebrate

Jordan and her middle school friends decorated the playset in camo for our special army man

Chris was with us here in our hearts and thoughts!

I love this little boy! Happy Birthday, Tucker!!


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One response to “Tucker Neeley Turns 6

  1. Leslie Daniel

    OMG, Tuck looks just like his dad. He looks so so happy. You are doing a great job Janie. Love ya,

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