Scaring the Living Daylights

I’m not a big fan of clowns or balloons.

The clown issue is something for future therapy, but here’s my balloon story:

A week ago Tucker celebrated his 6th birthday. I knew the birthday would not be complete for him unless there was at least some balloons. Tucker loves them!!! …Honestly, a balloon can entertain both of my kids for hours on end…which would lead you to believe that balloons are good….right?!?….Not after last night.

You see…a stray balloon from the birthday party made its way into my house.  It was one of those blasted foil balloons that never pops or deflates. It is also the kind that lingers on your ceiling for days, weeks and even months after the “happy event” is well past its expiration date. Forget grabbing the “helpful string” attached….my kids have a knack for cutting that off within the first five minutes….so I am left with a sad-looking balloon just out of reach on my ceiling. This was the case in my bedroom. Somehow… “Happy Birthday” made it to the very top of my cathedral ceiling. I tried to trampoline myself off the bed to reach it, but after a few half-hearted tries…I gave up and resigned myself that Tuck’s birthday would be celebrated for a little longer until it decided to descend.

I completely forgot about it….until last night!

In the middle of what I think was my R.E.M. sleep stage…that balloon was suddenly jolted back into memory and it threw me out of a “healthy heart” range.

I guess it decided to descend…the problem was…it floated right into the center of my moving ceiling fan.

I cannot explain the sound, but I can tell you…it scared the living daylights out of me. I went from a peaceful slumber to wide awake in less than 3 seconds.  My heart was beating out of my chest like a cartoon.  Again, I was reduced to eyes and teeth shining in the dark.

If you received an email from me at 3AM last night….this is my explanation. Who could sleep after waking like that?!?

I really miss a good night’s sleep!



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3 responses to “Scaring the Living Daylights

  1. Leslie Daniel

    I know it was not funny then, but I cant stop laughing. I want the retell version when I see you again. You will be hilarious telling it in person. Janie, you have the best stories of anyone.

    Love you,

  2. Kelli

    Really, reading it is just as funny as hearing it! Sorry for the sleep interruption, but heh, you got a great blog out of it. And it is good to know in advance how you developed the aversion to balloons that we’ll probably hear of in the future…guessing you’ll view balloons in an entirely different way henceforward!

  3. Brenda

    Bad, bad, sassy balloon! Sorry for your heart attack in the middle of the night. Your story makes my blood pressure jump up, just thinking about it happening to you. Is that balloon in the trash now? I hope so. Take care.

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