Yesterday, I took Tuck and my nephew to our neighborhood pool. It was an experience and surprisingly, it  had nothing to do with the two little boys I had in tow.

You see, our neighborhood pool is rarely used. It’s odd if more than one family is present during the weekday. I have come to enjoy this “private” pool experience and will admit that the solitude has spoiled me to some extent. That’s why I was immediately rattled when I walked into the pool area and heard music blasting from the cabana. At first, I wondered if someone had reserved the area for a pool party and thought twice about turning towards home but… there didn’t seem to be a crowd. Instead, I found a “twenty something” fella dancing alone beside the pool. He was clearly enjoying his music, his cooler and the pool.  He had a fresh bottle of Hawaiian Tropic oil and was spraying himself generously as if he was about to enter a Muscle Milk contest. (This year I’m really making an attempt to focus on the positive)…So I will say this…thank goodness he chose to wear board shorts instead of a speedo for this special occasion (I’m also thinking … that fashion decision was made before he packed and opened his cooler…whew, good news!!!). Otherwise, I might need more UV eye protection than my sunglasses would offer.

Anyway… this scene was not lost on my little companions. My nephew leaned over and asked me, “Aunt Janie, is that what you call sunbathing?!?”…  I think our “new  friend’s” personal party was somewhat jarring for him. I doubt Nick has ever been to a public pool that didn’t involve a country club membership.  Tuck on the other hand… saw or I should say…heard… things from my point of view. He said, “I don’t know what he’s doing, but his music stinks.”

Yep, that’s right…Tuck could care less about the bad dancing, the orange tan or the abundant wine coolers. What he disliked the most about this guy was that he had terrible taste in music.  (Way to go little man….your mama has taught you well!!!).

Our macho nacho “friend” had obviously just downloaded Pink’s latest album to his Ipod. I say “just” downloaded because you could tell he was still learning most of the lyrics to his favorite songs. We were all painfully aware of this learning curve. I will also say…Pink is no Morrissey (i.e. the words to her songs are not deep and will usually repeat). In the case of his “most favorite” song on the Pink playlist…a chorus was bludgeoned into our brains that repeated the phrase…”This used to be a funhouse…”

Yes, my friend…the pool is no longer a “funhouse” either…at least when you have Pink and Pool Boy dancing around.

Now, don’t get  me wrong…I love music. I have quite an eclectic collection and I spend more than I’d like to admit on I-Tunes. It has been a hobby of sorts for me since I was a kid. BUT…I like “good” music and in my opinion, Pink doesn’t fall into that category.  So in honor of Pool Boy and Pink…I’ve decided to put together a summer playlist. These are the songs the kids and I listen to as we ride around in Big Red with the windows down cruising through town. They are the perfect summer anthemns….so grab a bottle coke and peanuts…roll down the windows in your car…and crank it up! It’s time to be a little rocknoxious and teach Pink a thing or two about music.


1.  “How You Like Me Now”  artist: The Heavy – album: The House that Dirt Built 

This is Tuck’s favorite song this summer. He sits in his car seat with his shades on and nods his head to the beat like a cool cat. I have to admit…this is a “cool cat” song. It makes you want to drive somewhere on an open highway….with James Brown.

2. “Tighten Up”  artist: The Black Keys – album: Brothers

There was a tie between this song and another one called “Next Girl” by this band. I love both of them, but “Tighten Up” has whistling at the beginning…and who can resist that?!?  Plus it’s a modern song that reminds me of something my parents might have listened to in the 60’s or 70’s.

3. “My Doorbell”  artist: The White Stripes – album: Get Behind Me Satan

This song makes me laugh. I really like the album title…it kind of sums up my year and trying to manage everything here at home.  It’s a song like black licorice….you either love it or hate it.

4. “I Turn My Camera On”  artist: Spoon – album: Gimme Some Fiction

This isn’t a new song, but I still like it. You can’t help but tap your foot and bob your head to this tune. It’s another driving song.

5. “Old Man” artist: The Wailin’ Jennys – album: 40 Days

I never cared for Neil Young or his Canadian arrogance…but I love this version of his song. The Wailin’ Jennys are an amazing group.

6.  “Ain’t No Grave”  artist: Crooked Still – album: Shaken by a Low Sound

This is my version of praise music. If Jesus was in a band…I think it would be a bluegrass one.  The lyrics to this song remind me… things won’t always be like this.


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  1. Don’t blame Pink – she’s got some good stuff and I assume Pool Boy has ruined the whole experience. Otherwise, your playlist will continue to be primo.

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