The View from Here

President Obama spent the day yesterday chatting it up with the women on the television show, “The View.”

While the President was on the curvy couch discussing Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson’s celebrity status, the Boy Scouts of America were gathered in Washington, D.C. for the 100th anniversary of the National Jamboree. It was a historic event.  It was a time to recognize young Americans for their service to our communities and our country. It was a time to inspire, motivate and elevate a positive cause that has an impact on future generations.

It’s not surprising that our President would decline an invitation to attend the Jamboree in trade for a gossip television show. He’s concerned about his popularity. The pesky war in Afghanistan and a major oil spill has really put a dent in his shiny image. He needed to save face fast. A celebrity appearance on the View was his window of opportunity. I’m sure it was an easy decision. In fact, Obama’s only decisive actions have centered on himself and his party’s politics. There has been little or no evidence of self-sacrifice, service or overt displays of patriotism from his administration. Those qualities are not in vogue in America. I guess that’s why he also skipped the Memorial Day wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington this year. It is an outdated custom…right?!? Plus, those folks in a cemetary are dead; they can’t vote anyway.

Ironically, during one of my husband’s combat missions in Afghanistan someone made the connection that every soldier present had been a Boy Scout. In fact, most of them had earned the highest honor and award of Eagle Scout. This is an unlikely coincidence. Their experiences as boys no doubt molded and shaped them into the men they are today. Service, sacrifice and love of country were lessons taught and carried into their adult lives. These soldiers deserve to be honored and their children waiting patiently at home should be recognized for their sacrifice and contribution to this country. It would be interesting to learn how many boys attending the Jamboree have a veteran in their immediate household. The  numbers would probably be staggering and much more meaningful than any political poll.

The President missed another opportunity on Thursday.

I guess Obama is thinking that he’ll get to swing by “that boy scout thing”  in another four years during his second term.  And the dead soldiers at Arlington…well, where are they going?!? They’ll definitely still be there, maybe on a Wednesday or a non-holiday weekend when his schedule is less full with parties, fundraisers or posing for a photo spread in GQ magazine.

Our Commander-in-Chief is a rock star. He’s offering America hope and change through the venues they worship and idolize. He’s feeding the beast.

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousand of secret documents are leaked on a website that prides itself in being a whistle blowing operation. The problem is… the whistle only blows in the direction of their agenda which is bent on taking down America and the military that was created to defend it. 

What is gained by releasing this information? Does anyone feel better or smarter? Who did it help?

It certainly didn’t help my husband serving in a war zone, his comrades or the Afghan people.

The weasel sitting anonymously behind his computer will get fifteen minutes of fame and probably a Wikipedia entry. So… it was worth it right?!?

The President’s response to the Wikileak was luke warm at best…. “This is nothing new.”

Unfortunately, he’s right.

There’s not much left that’s sacred in America. We live in a world where sin is a cliché.

I pray for the future of my children.

Which reminds me of this Bible verse:  “You should know this, Timothy, that in the last days there will be very difficult times. For people will love only themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, scoffing at God, disobedient to their parents, and ungrateful. They will consider nothing sacred. They will be unloving and unforgiving; they will slander others and have no self-control. They will be cruel and hate what is good.
— 2 Timothy 3:1–3

Paul must have had a vision of this past week in the news. His words to Timothy are prophetic.



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7 responses to “The View from Here

  1. Boots,
    Well said! This is OP ED material for the newspaper.
    I love you,

  2. Andy Lancaster

    Amen Janie – AMEN. You just summed up this whole sorry administration.

    My contempt for this administration has nothing to do typical daily politics. It has everything to do with Obama’s lack of love and devotion to our country and the people who make it great. It po’s me to no end to watch these disgraceful characters wreck our once proud nation and put the lives of our brave military men and women in danger.

    With your permission I would like to send this piece out to the media and message boards. It needs to be heard.

    • Permission granted! I sent a modified version to the editor at the state paper here in Columbia. I doubt it’ll get published, but this week I just can’t take the news anymore. I needed to vent!

  3. Carol Caulk


    Very well said! Touche’!

    I hope you and the children are doing as well! We miss seeing all of you.


    • Good to hear from you. Please keep us in your prayers. This last leg of the deployment is very hard on all of us. Chris is exhausted and the kids and I are missing him more than ever.

  4. Andy Lancaster

    Done! You just captured part of my thoughts concerning this administration. This is beyond politics – it is common decency and the difference between right and wrong. How anyone defends this administration with a straight face is beyond me.

    This piece is going out now. Thanks for writing this piece. You are very talented.

  5. Gale Harman

    Just heard Michael Savage giving Obama h— about this very thing last night on his radio show! Keep it up, Janie…so important! Prayers for all of you.

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