Boots in Bavaria


I haven’t blogged in quite a while. The reasons are many.  For one, I’ve been in Germany with Chris during his R&R leave from Afghanistan. I cannot even describe how great it was to see my sweet fella after 9 months apart. Being in the Bavarian Alps was a nice touch, but in all honesty…I have missed him so much this year, it could have been a trip to Pelion, SC for all I cared.  It was way past time to see Chris Neeley’s smile, hear his laugh, and have him within my arm’s reach. The first few hours together were surreal. We had been waiting so long to see each other, it was hard to believe we finally made it.  I couldn’t let go of his hand for fear he might not actually be there. I thought my heart would burst. It was a time we will never forget.

With Chris being our designated “family photographer” it is not surprising that he has the majority of our photos from the trip on his camera. However, thanks to some quick thinking by Jordan who insisted I take her camera with me…I managed to capture some great shots from Germany that I’d like to share. Pictures cannot do justice to the beauty of what we actually saw in Germany, but these are a good sample of our two week vacation.

Chris next to a rather large nutcracker

A German band that played during Oktoberfest. I think the "haze" in the picture is descriptive of the day. Details are fuzzy, but we had a lot of fun.

In the beer tent our drinks are served. Notice the size of those mugs!! (The beer glasses, not her)

After some time in a beer tent, I decide to go out and pet a really large horse. I also have a big gingerbread cookie around my neck. We are unsure of the message written on it in German, but I think Chris was playing a joke on me.

Doesn't Chris look great!

The countryside in Germany is beautiful.

A typical German house with beautiful flower boxes.

A picture taken during one of our hikes.

Chris at Linderhoff Castle. I didn't mean to get the fountain coming out of his head, but photography is not my gift.

A very cold day on top of the tallest mountain in Germany.

It was cold, but we managed to keep warm.

While in Germany, Chris joined the Olympic Ski Team.

A mountain, a lake, and a happy Chris Neeley

A trip we will never forget. I cannot tell you how much I already miss him.



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6 responses to “Boots in Bavaria

  1. Leslie Daniel

    Oh Janie, I have been thinking so much about you. I knew you were in Germany. WOW!!! You look so so happy and so does Chris. I know you are so sad and miss your man so much. I will be praying for yall.
    Hope to see you soon,

  2. Kelli

    Couldn’t get you guys off my mind if I tried. We’ll pray that fellow back home, and as soon as you “crack the code,” you let me know what it is! Certainly it’s about time to break out the mayo and celebrete a Neeley reunion! 🙂

    Pics are amazing…

    Love you, gal.

  3. Karen

    I can’t even imagine a two week vacation. I know it had to be amazing. The pictures are wonderful and you guys look great. It was good to get a glimpse of you Sunday I haven’t seen those big brown eyes and beautiful smile in forever. Glad you had a chance to recharge and renew!

    Much Love, Karen

  4. Great shots, great trip, and thanks for the before/after shot of Chris 🙂 on the bench.

  5. Brenda

    wow janie- your time together looked soo amazing! i am so happy for you both and glad to see pictures of you both together with such big smiles- you 2 are sooo darn cute. i have never been out of the country, but i would love to go to germany, esp. during octoberfest. yeah for you both to be able to see it and celebrate it together. chris looks so wonderful. so do you, of course. take care and hang in there. thanksgiving is right around the corner. and we will be coming home for Christmas. we look forward to seeing you all then! hugs. ps. tell jordan she has a nice camera. 🙂

  6. Andy Lancaster

    Great pics Janie. He will be home soon…

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