Monthly Archives: November 2010

Molasses Fast

The days are dragging their feet and my patience is thread bare.

Every day I bump into people and their first question is always…”When is Chris coming home?”

I’ve learned the hard way. There’s no easy answer to this question.

If I say he’ll be home in a month…some thoughtless people will say…”Oh, already?!?”  (it’s a response that makes me cringe). I usually smile and change the subject but behind my smile I am gritting my teeth; holding back a year’s worth of frustration, loneliness and terror.

Another response that pushes me out of a healthy heart range is….”Oh, wow…it looks like he might be getting home earlier than you thought!” …Um…seriously?!?…we are in the 11th month of his deployment.

I know the comments are well-meaning, but you cannot imagine how it bites to hear it, especially now.

We are near the end, but it’s just out of reach. The minutes are passing at a molasses fast rate.



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